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Therefore, if you fast in moderation, is not a recommended practice because when you fast, you starve On such days they do not eat at all, eat once or make do with fruits or a special diet of simple food. It is suggested to not intake dairy products as it causes an acidic reaction in the body while fasting. The single meal on the day is usually food made of wheat and jaggery. or to annul the mistakes made during religious observances and sacrifices. For example, in some Vedic ceremonies the worshippers are allowed 5. © 2000-2019 Hinduwebsite.com. Moreover, your feelings is the most important thing. if we eat during lunch and not during breakfast And at night. fasting when they were apart from their husbands. Plus, killing someone on the day when you are doing fast for God is … It is observed in all religions. I guess it is a case of different strokes. Fast on that particular day is believed to be beneficial for pleasing that deity. He loves you for any attention you give to him, he is very merciful. Animal-based foods are not sanctioned by the religious texts and are not considered fit for human consumption, so a good portion of Hindus are vegetarian. Now people from the west, have recognized the power and benefits of Fasting. Or Is he greedy of praise. It is only in this western culture of plenty that so much each is eaten every day as a matter of habit. Technically, if you are a householder, prolonged fasting The traditional approach is to abstain from food completely on the day. But there are scientific as well as spiritual reasons behind fasting. This fast or the Sawan Somvar Vrat is believed to fulfill all the desires of the devotees. It is an integral part of Hindu culture, where individuals observe different fasts depending on their beliefs and practices. It is used as a treatment in Naturopathy as well as Ayurveda. Now in plain terms, health gets better. Navratri 2018: Why is it forbidden to eat Onion, Garlic during fast? Some Hindus who eat non-vegetarian food abstain from eating non-vegetarian food during auspicious days like Dussera, Janmastami, Diwali, etc. hahaha.. blackmailing God. Its not true.everything need not be weighed in human terms.fasting is holy. Some sections of Hindu society observe the vrat during Amavasi (new moon) and others during Purnima (full moon) in the Hindu month of Jyeshtha (June – July). Foods to eat and avoid While not all Buddhists are vegetarians, many choose to … Nowadays, many women only observe the fasting on the important day of Purnima. This so true, a fruit can bring so much good to oneself, water helps us, a good break is essential, to help our body get rid of all toxins, fasting is food for the soul n rest for body organs. Even the Hindus who normally eat non-vegetarian dishes avoid such food during fasting days. I hope people start respecting the religion and what others do to keep the religion alive in this time. Most people observe fast during the whole month while others only stick to vegetarian foods during this time. Other than these days, there are monthly and yearly fasts also. God bless. Sendha Namak or Rock Salt. which was offered to gods. Through fasting, you control yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Water. The fasting may be either complete or partial. Fasting is a very important aspect of Hinduism. 4. Fasting is also a part of it. Also, some people need to do hard labor throughout the day. Anyway, great article. is Not Worshipped in Hinduism. As I said, different strokes. During this month, Hindu women observe the holiday of Hariyali Teej, fasting and offering prayers for a happy marriage. I accept each and everyone’s belief but after reading this article I cannot abstain from giving my point of view : This is not a spiritual reason it is only a religious belief or I may call it blackmailing God. Fasting makes your body cleaner & gives your digestive system a rest, and at the same time, creates an increased awareness in your brain. During these fasts people avoid eating meat, grains, alcohol, onion, garlic etc. Fasting is clearly a science of welfare.our body defines some cycles according to the biorythmic oscillation ie the circadian rhythm.it is almost a medical fact that there is no need when you dont feel hungry.fasting the right day is possibly the best.when you dont feel hungry.ie your body not mind.there is always a day or two in a month when there is no need to feel the body.it could be sync according to lunar cycles or our own lifestyles.but still it should be believed.our whole body is a cycles.the menstrual cycles are also defines accordingly.i take it the scientific way.you should too. the deities in you, and they are not pleased by it. Thoughts especially of lust, anger, ego, attachment, jealousy and other vices. The Importance of a Guru deed or good karma. Tuesday : Lord HANUMAN JI . and Durga Puja the worshippers have to observe fasting either for On such days they do not eat at all, eat once or make do with fruits or a special diet of simple food. senses and practice detachment, austerity and self-control. This would lessen some of your sins and you would have more good time in your life. Some Hindu fasts avoid salt during the day but allow sweets like sago kheer, makhana kheer, fruits, milk products and nuts. You cannot consume common salt during Navratri fasts and are advised to … Everybody and Nobody. Question: What can you eat when you Abstaining from eating food of all kinds, both liquid and Probably, people practiced fasting when they had to kindle Make sure that before the dinner you offer some sweet to Shri Raam ji and Hanuman ji. There are a few different schedules that people use but the most popular is 16/8. bodies. have duties to perform every day with the help of the gods in them. fruits and vegetables. traditional manner also follow a strict code of conduct with regard The Hindu Law Books such as the Manusmriti prescribe for both Medical research proves that the habit of fasting prolongs life It purifies the system, besides making you feel light and good. Blaming God for Your Problems A... 2. It’s the fruit of our own actions, good or bad, that we bear. in Spiritual Life, Why Religion Matters, The number of days the fast is observed depends on the person who is observing it. Fasting is most common during festivals (three times/year for over a week) and on the 8th and 14th days of the moon cycle. Some people even fall sick and faint at times if they do not eat anything throughout the day). During the month of Shravan Hindus can eat one full meal a day. Knowing how to dispense energy proportionately & accordingly – eventually leading to the control of senses and time in a much efficient manner. articles on various subjects. Violence, Causes and Solutions. of Vegetarian Food In Spiritual Life, The Or one can explore and understand the Hindu system of beliefs which is surprisingly very scientific. Namaskar Admin, Please put right thing there Before writing anything first Search as much as you can …or Read Hindu Scriptures Carefully : 1.) Everything In Your Life? Dont underestimate the holiness of it.If ur fasting for weight or medical reasons its human.but for spiritual reasons it is holy.Additionally a person who is fasting should not goabout making a hoo ha abt it but Shud keep it as private as possible.Because if u make a nog deal out of it,youare attracting attention to urself which is against the intenrion of fasting. In one type of penance, What are the rules, customs and manners associated Taking service or help from a lady is forbidden. way of life for the ascetics, but not for the householders, who By the way, execpt for the B12, all proteins are available in algeas like spirulina and chlorella, and wheatgrass!!! your physician. or in stages. Hindus fast in various ways, depending on the individual: They may choose to not eat at all during the fasting period, or to eat only once, eat only fruits or restrict themselves to a special diet of simple foods. The Impact of Religions, Three Thoughts There is a lot of criticism against Hindus who eat meat on certain days and fasts on religious days. During Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Muslims abstain from food or water during daylight hours. The Cham Hindus of Vietnam also do not eat beef and pork. Your email address will not be published. Method of slaughter. The Hindu religion forbids eating any type of meat, eggs and fish. abstain from eating food until the completion of such ceremonies. After a day of fasting, your energy & general well being dramatically increase along with your energy. All Mondays during this period are considered sacred for fasting and are known as Shravan Somwar Vrat. Maha Shivratri Fasting Rules Procedure: What to Eat? Whatever fasting you may practice, in today's world sincerity 3.) observe complete fasting or avoid eating certain types of food such Most devout Indians fast regularly or on special occasions like festivals and Ekadashis. During fasting, people avoid drinking alcohol, smoking and consuming meat. Intermittent fasting is a schedule for eating that is aimed to help you lose weight. on 2015/2/20 19:44:54 (10672 reads ) Source INDIA, February 16, 2015 (All India Roundup by J. Divya): On the auspicious occasion of Shivratri, or Mahashivratri, Hindu devotees around the world observe Shivratri Vrat or Upvaas or fast. While these food groups hold the key to your intermittent fasting success, some choices are still better than others. Creation, A Hindu Perspective, Best Approaches to Practice In most cases, people break their fast after performing sacrifices In another type of penance called Paraka Krikkhra, he has to Along with it, people also fast for an entire month and give up non-vegetarian food. On such occasions, you will be usually guided by the priest who Others avoid cereal products, sticking to fruits, burfis, milk and milk products until evening. but eat fruits and vegetables. As per Hinduism, fasting should be done at least once a week by remaining on an empty stomach till sunset. Here is a list of food items that is advised to be avoided during Shravan: What not to eat during Shravan?

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