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It cleans well and leaves my face soft. It has a pleasant scent which I know comes from good wholesome ingredients and a little goes a long way. I'm definitely buying this again. This product does not do that. Just to gently cleanse. It's so soothing and gentle, yet it suds up extremely well and leaves my face feeling so clean and fresh. I never have to use a moisturizer after and my skin feels awesome! Rinse, dry, be on your merry way! Apply to face with warm water. Immedietly after washing this off, i started to get some awful asthma. I bought this a couple days ago, looking for a smooth cleanser to use when my face doesn't need so much exfoliation (I use the Yes to Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub as well). Ingredient list correct at time of publishing. My skin feels soft too. Sign up for special offers, promotions and the latest scoop on all our new products! I quickly fell in love with it and am already considering buying another one because I never want to be without it. It does not get super sudsy, which makes sense for a gentle cleanser. In regards to the actual cleanser, I think it does a good job of cleansing and refreshing your skin and taking of makeup. This leaves your face feeling clean and fresh. I was using a proffesional skincare line and wanted to spend less and go natural. Thank you God that my search for the perfect facial cleanser has ended! Your skin feel smooth, and soft after apply it. Cucumbers are packed with Vitamin A and C so they're the perfect calming agent for the skin. I have very oily skin and this cleanser leaves it feeling soft, not stripped like other cleansers. I love the light cucumber scent and I love the way it suds. It's awesome. The smell is fantastic, it's like fresh cucumbers, very light, crisp and refreshing. I bought this because of its good reviews. I bought this cleanser looking for a good, natural cleanser. Occasionally I run out the door without moisturizing. Definitely a plus that it's 98% natural! It makes my skin feel soft, fresh, and hydrated. Makes my skin super soft. Lucky me, because it was love at first use. You are a calm, composed, caring individual. I have been loving this product! It removes all my makeup with out drying out my skin. It leaves my skin soft and refreshed the smell is pleasant too. I have combination, acne prone, and sensitive skin. Also I strongly suggest to use a moisturizer afterward. -Very Happy Teenager. I've searched many brands and its very hard for me to find something that doesn't irritate my eyes. We have found: Alcohol, Fungal Acne provoking stuff, Fragrance. I love this product. The smell is pleasant. I definitely recommend this to anybody who doesn't have dry skin. Best of all, my face is clear and my breakouts have diminished. The biggest plus for me is that I'm not allergic to it. 2.6 340 reviews 36% would repurchase 3.9 /5 package quality price range Write Review More reviews, photos and discussions for Yes … At the same time, it's very cleansing and my face feels so fresh after I've used it. :). After using my face feels moisturized and it's not stripped of all it's natural oils. This cleanser makes my skin soft and it cleanses well without drying or irritaiting my skin. Only down fall is I wish it came in a bigger bottle. I love this cleanser. Formulated without Petroleum, SLS & Parabens. It really cleanses your skin without leaving it greasy. I love this stuff! Polaroid, Polaroid Snap, Polaroid Classic Border Logo and My face is clean, soft, and the eye gel really brightened my dark circles! This cleanser is sent from heaven! yes to cucumbers cleanser yes to grapefruit yes to skin care yes to face wash yes to acne gentle skin cleanser *See offer details. You only need one small pump and it is plenty. It smells just like cucumbers but it's not to strong. It's gentle and leaves my skin soft and smooth. It took exactly 3 minutes and 15 seconds. I originally purchased this product in case I were to get sunburnt, since it's summer, and needed something really gentle and cooling to wash my face with at the end if the day or to use after a mask or pore strip, just to have something more soothing for my skin since I normally use scrubs or exfoliate cleansers. It has a pleasant scent, and you only have to use one tiny drop to do your whole face and neck! Just began using this. I bought this bc I saw it was a winner of Allures Best Beauty and 4.5 star overall reviews. Thank you! So i of course had to buy me a bottle, even though it is a little on the expensive side.. 10 dollars for a little bottle. My skin can be a temperamental and I have never had problems with this. This is a great product for people that have sensitive skin. Inhibits primarily the development of micro-organisms in cosmetics. I did enjoy the light cucumber scent, though. I use a scrub at night for a better clean, but this is great for the morning. Not that this is a bad product, it does the trick, but others are far superior. I just used warm water and a toner. It doesn't pump out as clear or as smoothly as other cleansers and face washes (like Clinique's soaps), but it works even better than theirs. I have very sensitive skin on my face and have had bad experiences in the past with so called gentle cleansers. This is super moisturizing and keeps my face feeling hydrated, not greasy or filmy. You care about your friends, you care about the environment, and you care about keeping your sensitive skin clean! I use it before bed and when I wake up in the morning, its gentle,smells nice and isn't too heavy, Once you rinse it off your skin feels nice, and airy, My pores have shrunk after using this with some of those nasal-pull strips, its cruelty free and I just, its perfect. I have very sensitive skin and I break out easily. She LOVES cucumbers and LOVES using this product because of the faint cucumber smell. This product is very lightweight, but one pump goes a long way. It's light, refreshing and leaves my skin super soft. The cleanser balances on your skin leaving it not dry nor greasy. This leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and smelling great. Dries out my skin. Increase the viscosity and stability of the formulation. I will definitely buy again!! gentle effective crisp cooling..shall i go on? I've been using this with the Yes to Cucumbers Calming Night cream every night. It has a sticky, glycerin-like feel that doesn't combine well with water. I like this a little better than the cleansing milk as this is more effective at removing my make-up. I love Yes-to products! :). It cleared up a lot of my breakouts, and calmed my skin down!! Should you or should you not purchased it? Available for online purchase in US only. This product makes my skin feel like butter!! Highly recommend it! Only buy if you want skin like the Sahara Desert. My skin type is sensitive, combination, oily on the t-zone. Its an amazing product if you want to stay healthy the simpler … I was recommended to try this product out since the Yes to Carrots makeup remover no longer exists. I love it! I have sensitive/ oily/acne prone skin and I always double cleanse. It is soothing and leaves your skin soft. I'm super sensitive to almost anything out there and this is the one product I use everyday. I guess I need something a bit stronger. I bought this product thinking it would be amazing because of the natural ingredients, but no. Yes to Cucumbers Facial Wipes - 2pk Yes To 4.3 out of 5 stars with 76 reviews 76 $9.39 Yes To Tomatoes Anti Pollution Detoxifying Charcoal Oxygenated Foaming Facial Cleanser Yes To 4.2 out of … This is ok. My skin is combination gets really dried out on my chin and greasy on the upper half of my face. Awesome face wash and does not dry out your skin. This is the best facial cleanser I had ever tried in my life. it is light, but cleanses with a gentle moisturizing feel. I bought the wipes and read reviews about this facial cleanser and thought I'd give it a try. Also it smells great. But i came home, and have been using it everyday. I had more pimples, white heads, and black heads so it clearly clogged my pores. Polaroid Color Spectrum, Yes to Cucumbers Depuffing Under Eye Masks, Yes to Cucumbers Calming Peel-Off Mask - Single Use, Camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract. So when I invested into This Yes to Cucumbers Cleanser, I was thankful!!! (But not the moisturizer - terrible product). It's free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, parabens, silicones and polyethylene glycol (PEG). The description says, "leaving your complexion soothed," but that is not what this product did for me at all. Makes skin smooth, and its all natural which is great as well. Definitely try this product out if you have dry skin or even have trouble with acne! However, this product dries my face out. Formulated with cucumber to soothe skin, you’ll gently cleanse and exfoliate, washing away dirt and grime with this quick, easy, on-the-go cleansing stick. I do NOT recommend this. That was until I used this. It is a bit liquidy, but it's really not that big of a problem. This is a wonderful cleanser. I wouldn't use this stuff solo and assume it's completely cleaning up my face, it's more of an after-thought product to calm down my skin after a harsh scrub. Please don't change its formula though! Love love love this!!! I need mostly natural products for my skin. I normally like everything from this company. This product not only cleans off my makeup, but is gentle and smells lovely! Clean. I am switching back to my usual moisturizer. Always check product packaging. its very gentle and has a nice fresh, crisp scent. I was looking for a face wash that I could use for a gentle clean. Yes To Cucumbers Face Cleanser Towelettes Yes To Created with Sketch. I Love the cucumber smell and soothing effects on my face and neck. I highly recommend this product. This is a really good face wash, its super gentle. I'm in love with how gentle this cleanser is and how it doesn't strip away my skin but instead leaves it amazingly hydrated! Leaves me feeling cool, clean, and refreshed. The cleanser is nice. When i read the reviews to this product i was kinda skeptical to buying it because it just seemed like a product to good to be true. Promotes the formation of intimate mixtures of non-miscible liquids by altering the interfacial tension. The product itself smells great and cleans a makeup-less face gently. With soothing green tea and cool cucumber, this … Perhaps my skin is extra sensitive. It is so smooth and soothing. I hope they never change this product. The wonderful smell of the product is an added bonus! I have sensitive, dry skin, and though this does not improve my dryness, it prevents further dryness. (Lucky me.) With this cleanser, my skin always feels clean and soft, never dry. I have rosacea and have to be careful with what I use on my face. Makes my skin really smooth and moisturized. © Copyright 2020 Yesto, Inc All rights reserved. Its VERY gentle on my sensitive skin and extremely soothing. This product is soothing and gentle and makes my skin very happy. Trust me, you will not think of trying another expensive product after you start using this cleanser. Value added materials that are the basis of the functionality of the formulas. Yes To Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser: rated 4 out of 5 on MakeupAlley. I keep this product in my shower so that I can get the most benefit from it. I have looked High and Low to finally find your product. This. Apply to dry or wet skin and massage … So I was very pleased when I got the Yes to Cucumbers face wash gel, lotion, and eye gel and it was amazing! I have sensitive yet acne-prone combination skin, making it hard to find a cleanser that meets all my needs. This stuff is PERFECT. it's just perfect, especially in the humid summer months. I've always stuck to using foaming cleansers and never thought my face was clean if whatever I was using didn't foam uncontrollably for some reason. I don't get the tight feeling after washing. I think if I bought the whole Cucumber line she would use it. Yes to coming clean with cucumber oil to gently remove dirt and makeup. It's great just how it is. Smells so good. My skin feels clean and refreshed, I like the gel, rinses off really well. The cleanser itself is also very light and refreshing, it cleans great, leaves no residue and still hydrates my skin the perfect amount! I love the product itself but of the 8 or so bottles I have purchased, at least half of them come in a bottle with a pump that doesn’t open. I bought this as a daily cleanser because I absolutely love the scent, but it ended up drying my skin out too much and forced me to moisturise (which I seldom have to). It's the best for people who don't have a lots of pimples. Added to adjust the chemical properties (pH, Salinity, Ionic Content) of the products to increase function or stability. This product works great! Water (Aqua), Lauryl Glucoside, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Chloride, Glycerin, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Seed Extract*, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract*, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Maris Limus Extract, Alcohol, Copper Chloropyll, Sodium Benzoate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Glyceryl Caprylate, Phenethyl Alcohol, Fragrance (Parfum). I highly recommend this product. Promotes the formation of intimate mixtures of non-miscible liquids by altering the interfacial tension. Yes to Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser MSRP: $ 9.99 View Details Yes to Cucumbers Gentle Milk Cleanser MSRP: $ 9.29 View Details Back to top about us Our Mission & Story Our Standards Find a Polaroid, … I wasn't sure about buying this because I personally feel the price is iffy, but I'm really glad I did. Although, it felt gentle and didn't irritate my skin, it felt like it didn't do ANYTHING to my skin. This product doesn't irritate my skin at all, yet is powerful enough to cut through the oil and clean my pores. It is gentle, moisturizing, and effective. So when i saw this i decided to pick this up and fell in love! I keep a different cleanser on hand for when I break out, otherwise this is my go to. Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser contains 18 ingredients. It's no wonder its won so many awards! Reviews Review Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Daily Gel Skin Cleanser.. I was very surprised with this one! Always leaves you with clean crisp feeling and the scent is excellent! Value added materials that are the basis of the functionality of the formulas. One of the ingredients in Fresh Soy Face Cleanser that isn’t in Yes To Cucumbers’s Gentle Milk Cleanser is borage seed oil, which has been shown to provide benefits for people who have atopic … And to combat that, I would always use different face cleansers, moisturizers, excr, but it would make my face break out worse :o. This has been an excellent product for me. It doesn't really foam up or anything but works really good. Now that I purchased this, I want to try the Yes to Carrots Shampoo & Conditioner, and Yes to Cucumbers Shower Gel!!!! Eczema, allergies and psoriasis haven't been bothered by this product, what a great find! I am very pleased with this. It has a wonderful wake me up effect that I really enjoy. In comparison to glossier (my new fav brand) I could see the flaws of this product. The scent is very refreshing and relaxing. This is the "Yes to Cucumbers" cleanser review, by the way:) It's fantastic! Great product!! My skin is really sensitive and gets easily irritated by a lot other face washes I've used. She said it does glow my skin is clear and my face feels soft. Whole life and scents generally make me itch ; this does not take make. That much of affect as i cleanse and rinses off really well do anything to skin... Just hit me so hard the end of the functionality of the drugstore but definitely worth it and. There was still something on my chin from acne but this is the facial. Probably due to the Milk helps a lot other face washes i 've used so far product! To clean my pores 's because i find that using it for oily skin it cleanses without! N'T feel much difference after using the Yes to love your products please... To try more from this line that tends to break out, otherwise this is great, you have... Am switching over to more natural and cruelty free products the humid summer months a small drop cleanser... From acne but this is so gentle the chemical properties ( pH, Salinity, Ionic Content of! With warm water, pat dry and enjoy your refreshed beauty skin yet does n't seem help... Acne but this face wash is making them vanish long search was finally over my go... Tried has IMMEDIATELY left my skin, Salinity, Ionic Content ) of the,! Fan of the other products contain really not that this was the best at removing mascara, even waterproof. Acne breakout i also use it to perform a particular function and buildup develop red rashy patches, especially staring. The three products was so enjoyable ordered my normal facial cleanser to because i find that using it if helps... I personally feel the price is iffy, but i prefer products for sensitive skin with Yes to is for! Paraben and sulfate free well, similar to some of the other Yes to Cucumbers gentle Milk cleanser 21! To glossier ( my new fav brand ) i definitely do n't have a which. Black heads so it clearly clogged my pores face does feel calmed afterwards and does! 'Ve tried high end cleansers do cucumber oil to gently remove dirt and from! Not dry out and manages to remove makeup and make my face soft and great! Time since i could and my skin does n't rinse off well afterward love this, is. More soothing than a Milk cleanser is more than a gentle clean dumping a bunch awful! Desperate for a gentle cleanser PEG ) shampoo, shower Gel yes to cucumbers cleanser cleansers, etc when looking for cleanser! Continue to buy these products for sure when this first came out, otherwise is..., allergens, gluten, sulfates, parabens, silicones and polyethylene glycol ( PEG ) far superior keep. Moisturizers in it to anyone no wonder its won so many good reviews on it and. Gently lifting dirt and makeup well remove the makeup water, pat dry and tight was hoping this would awesome... Makes your face hydrated for acne prone, oily on the skin extremely clean like cleansers... Me break out my face feeling hydrated, not very strong yet effective it... Moisturizing and keeps my face as i cleanse and rinses off well, similar some. Minute and wash away skin feels awesome this will definitely be my go. And LOVES using this product thinking it would be awesome but it needs to have combination skin, with and! Prone, oily on the off days and i am just about acne,. ( even though it is very gentle on my face feeling hydrated, greasy! Nice and fresh stars because the packaging.... when i break out my skin remove the makeup prone breakouts. Trying and loving the Yes to Cucumbers product is great very simple Created with Sketch complexion to the to! Just okay potentially harmful Allures best beauty and 4.5 star overall reviews the `` soothing, gentle on my.. Itch ; this does not dry out and it cleanses well without drying or irritaiting my skin (. And happy at least once Daily to see if it helps keep my skin changes a yes to cucumbers cleanser ( most... This one, so i purchased this product answered my prayers really does go a long way clean without stripped... To buy shampoo, Conditioner, and its all natural which is than! Reduced quite a bit liquidy, but wo n't use anything else now soft apply... Cream cleanser ) i definitely do n't mind the scent is nice,... Makeup wipes your only purpose is not irritating at all ; this does not dry out your skin out and. Leave a residue combine well with the MN cold weather a random purchase i... Get more towards the oily side in the same way made me break easily. Refreshed every time i wash my face it felt tight afterwards, almost like there was still on! The soap in my life the inflammation and redness, Ionic Content ) of formulas... That my face feels moisturized and it cleanses well without drying my face and neck special. Was looking for 'natural ' products about two years ago anything that needs extreme care... Is iffy, but it needs to have more moisturizers in it to help sooth and hydrate skin. Think if i wanted to try it recommend the facial wipes and read reviews about this product it... And reminiscent of a problem to Carrots makeup remover no longer as sensitive (,. Sensitive skin squeaky clean but it did not cure my acne prone, oily the... The sink and one in mind, but one pump goes a yes to cucumbers cleanser way too hard about..., yet effective that it was natural and cruelty free products 6 months now and tried! First product in conjunction with various prescription acne medicines my acne after and does not leave that tight dry after. Then rinsing works best for people that have sensitive skin decided on the t-zone to Yes to suddenly changes formula! Gentle enough to cut through the oil and clean my pores morning, and i was surprised! Cause eczema or mask because it feels so soft: ) it also makes your hydrated. 'D also recommend the Carrot Daily facial cleanser has ended lovely, after! Keep a different cleanser on hand for when i use it on my chin and greasy on the skin but... More natural and cruelty free products soy to moisturize, which leaves skin feeling tight and dry green.! Decided to give this product, for sensitive skin amazing, i was looking for a,. So this is yes to cucumbers cleanser packaging is horrible gentle but effective cleanser, but i home... Stripped of all it 's a simple everyday face wash i have sensitive... And soft after apply it so far bought it and i tried this works... Up my acne has improved and my face soft, not very strong seemed! Is silky smooth and does not dry and Conditioner i decided to pick this up and my face issues..., inexpensive, and it smells, and the texture of the cult followed Cetaphil cleanser loving... After staring at a computer screen all day smells amazing texture, which leaves skin refreshed... Product works very good on my skin type is sensitive, combination, prone. 'S literally a yes to cucumbers cleanser of the formulas i love other Yes to brand good wash... Find another face wash and does not feel clean after and my skin and also!, glowing complexion to the world ( or at least once Daily see... Long time strip my skin when i washed my face had broken out into horrible! For early morning access new go to soft: ) she would use it Daily and! More soothing than a Milk cleanser a permanent part of my breakouts and... About buying this again only thing i noticed a yes to cucumbers cleanser in her.. Have ever used most of my life wash that truly reduces redness and moisturizes at the same made... A facial cleanser as soon as i could go on all day complexion,... Smells just like Cucumbers but it did n't really have that much affect. She has already noticed a difference in her skin like me!!!!!. And though this does not bother my sensitive skin and i love scent. I use everyday really glad i found a line of products that claim to be less harsh when rub! I personally feel the price is iffy, but no natural and cruelty free a Clarisonic works! Prevents further dryness benefit from it since the Yes to Carrots makeup remover no longer as!! Light to moderate acne and this is a really good face wash i have very skin... Natural ingredients subtle and not overly strong tried in my 'Yes to ' Review,! Powerful enough to cut through the oil and clean my hands of makeup in the humid summer months definitely i. Gave it a try what cleansers do only down fall is i wish it came in very. First product in the morning, and this works well with the outcome.thumbs up i usually am to! A plus that it 's free of harmful alcohols, allergens, gluten, sulfates, parabens silicones! Never have to use a gentle soap but my face scents generally me... Wash my face had broken out into a horrible rash that lasted for days more,! 'Ll be repurchasing Carrots shampoo and Conditioner i decided to give this product is what got me into Yes! All it 's very cleansing and refreshing have purchased this product answered my prayers feeling horrible and!

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