How to get your Blast For Cash Raffle Link.


If you have already set up your Blast For Cash Raffle Link you can access it here:

How to get your raffle link

Step 1 ā€“ Go to the Affilate Portal.
step 2 ā€“ Click on sign up
step 3 – Enter first name, Last Name and e-mail – That’s it!  You can ignore the rest scroll to bottom

step 4 – Choose an affiliate ID (choose something that will Identfiy as you)  Your Name is best.
Step 5 – Choose a password
Step 6 – Click sign up
Step 7 – Copy your unique link  (you can also get link from your welcome Email)
Step 8 – Keep link in a safe place that you have easy access to.  
Step 9 – Give link to family and friends who are interested in buying Raffle Tickets.

NOTE: The Blast for Cash menu link on the Home page of our website will give raffle ticket sales to the team not an individual. Use your link if you want the credit!

Sample of Blast For Cash Raffle Affiliate Link:

The video below gives you an overview of how to get and use the Raffle link.

Important Update: Iā€™m giving you a direct access link so you can ignore the first part in the beginning of the video where I say to go to the Members Dashboard in order to get to the Affilate Potral. Here again is the direct link to the portal: