Sorry The 2022 Raffle is now Closed!

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Chicago Comets
Blast For Cash

Comets Raffle 
Each Ticket has 31 chances to win!

Follow along with the Illinois Lottery!
You will be assigned a 3 digit raffle ticket number.

NOTE: this raffle is not affiliated with Illinois State lottery in any way we simply
use the Illinois evening pick 3 drawing as a way to determine our winners.

Your ticket numbers will be assigned to you prior to October 1st
and you will be notified of your number(s) so you can follow along if you like.


We will monitor and notify ALL winners

Here’s a chance to support the Comets and have fun following the Illinois Lottery every day of October.  You can purchase Comets raffle tickets from your favorite Comets member at $5 each.  (That member will get credit for selling the ticket.) 

Each Comets raffle ticket will have a 3 digit number between 000 and 999. Winners will be determined each day by matching the Evening pick 3 game of the Illinois Lottery. 
(Note: There is no official link between the Illinois Lottery and the Comets Raffle.) 

If your Comets raffle ticket corresponds to the winning number in the Illinois Lottery  (evening pick 3) for any day in October, you will win $50 from the raffle.  If your ticket wins on Columbus Day (observed) or Halloween, your winnings from the Comets raffle will be $125! 

It is possible for your raffle number to win multiple times!
We’ll check the October numbers for you and contact you if you win. 

Most importantly, you will be supporting the Chicago Comets in their efforts to bridge the gap between the sighted and visually impaired world through America’s favorite pastime and associated opportunities. 

Thank you for your interest in the Chicago Comets.  GO COMETS!